Saturday, February 7, 2009 aggressive attempt for food...

We are taught when we are young to always share with our neighbor, whether it is the kid sitting next to us or the person next door in need of a cup of sugar. We understand these concepts and eventually it just becomes part of our lend that helping hand. However, these ideas are not instilled in wild animals and by saying not, I mean sharing is something unheard of.

The cats are greedy. Have you ever watched your dog share their bowl of food? or even give their favorite bone to the pup next to them just to be nice? No, and big cats are not much different except for the size of the bite behind the growl and the animal behind the guarded object.

Food is one of the main things they will guard. Many of them do not like to share food or even be approached when food is in site. That is why I took advantage of the very angry lion, King, at feeding time. He is actually so food aggressive that his two cage mates, Jasmine and Lauren, have to be locked in the small part so he will not tear after them in a frantic panic assuming they will steal his food!

It is a daily routine. We drive down with our food-mobile, stop at the end of his enclosure, lock the girls in while he sits in the corner and grumbles like a Harley-Davidson traveling at a low speed. Once we give him his food he is fine, but until then....WATCH OUT!

King and his famous Harley grumble!