Thursday, December 4, 2008

...the nine...

Since my blog is about my big cat experiences, I will follow the outline of my previous posts and stick with....big cats!

'The Nine', as we call them, are a group of nine tigers all in one huge enclosure, fully furnished with 2 1/2 boxes, an electrical spool, and a pond! They are from several different rescues, but because of their young and close ages when they arrived, they ended up together as well
This is one of my favorite groups to feed just because they create so much commotion before being fed! They moan and they groan and they chuff....sounding more like a herd of cows than a group of tigers! They climb around on their boxes and even play a game of leap-frog, jumping over each other to see who can get out first to get the 'big thing'.

The big thing is the large part of the meal. With large groups,like The Nine, they will get a big thing and several small chunks strewn about their enclosure, making sure that every cat at least gets one chunk. However, a chunk is probably 3 times the size of a normal dinner pot roast for us!

The nine are all very different. You might think all tigers look the same or even how we tell them apart. Well, their stripes are like finger two humans have the same fingerprint, thus no tiger has the same stripe pattern. Many of them are big (really big) and many are smaller. Some are timid and some are aggressive, some are very lovable and others would just like to 'eat you for dinner'.

Anyways, The Nine include: Beaker, Rose, Taj, Denkum, Jesse, Emily, Pda and two is really hard to know their names and which cage they belong to!

So today I took a movie of The Nine exiting the shoot to get food!...this is what I like to call a good game of leap-frog!


emjoysays said...

That video is cool. which one is me?? If Tiger Emily takes after this Emily--it was probably the first one into the feeding area. Lets be honest.

John Galt said...

Be careful... they might eat you!!! LOS GATOS GRANDES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!