Monday, December 1, 2008

...oh the lions!...

So I have come to the conclusion that the lions are definitely, DEFINITELY, not my favorite breed of cats. Sure they are pretty and noble looking, but many are just rotten! I have not met one yet that I can say I like.

Sure I feel terrible looking at their scars from previous owners or their short legs, stubbed down by deformities from malnutrition, but sometimes I just wish that they would take a little more consideration into what the workers feel...ha, never going to happen.

I would say there are, hmmm, give or take 40ish lions at the rescue center. And I ask no questions why they are there, because you can surely tell why one would never want to keep them as a pet! WHY?!
Clancey is very annoying, always trying to stalk you and being more than difficult to shift sides (especially for females...he really dislikes girls!). Rake, is so food aggressive he never thinks twice about whapping one of his 5 harem lionesses. King is nice, until he decides he doesn't want to be. Tao is just obnoxious. Of course these are the males, but frankly...the females are no better example!

Rappie sounds like some sort of machine, loud semi-truck, harley revving lion. That is just her normal breathing. When you look at her she rumbles, her breath taking a misty, fog state and blows into your face. The Southern Belles, a group of 7 lionesses, are so slow and spoiled. They always stick their paws out of the smallest cracks and try to paddle your leg with their claw paws....a paddle, by the way, is like getting hit with force by a boat paddle, not just an easy stroke through the water.

I'd have to say Kisa, would be the closest one that I like. She lives with Max, a male of the largest at the center (about 600 pounds). She loves to have rubs through the fence, but will get very upset when Max comes to get some attention too. She roars her stinky breath in his face. It is so funny to see 600 pound Max shrug back and jump away from this neurologically impaired Kisa!

I am sure a lot of their temperment is because they are lions and tend to be more aggressive and territorial in the wild. Many of these traits also show when they are in captivity.

It really is amazing, the noises these beautiful cats make. When they roar, when the growl, even when they grumble, it rattles your chest. It seriously vibrates all your insides. I would say it is something everyone should experience once...hearing all the commotion that is!

I do like the lions: the roars, their mane, the prides they form. I suppose I should just be more specific in saying I just do not enjoy their attitudes.

parker & tao


rake & wedge (2 lions)

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That is an excellent picture on the bottom left! well done. Aunt Janine would love that one.