Tuesday, December 9, 2008

...oti & tony, homeward bound...

Oti (2) and Tony (3) are two tigers waiting eagerly for a new enclosure! The rescue center received a phone call Labor Day regarding a black leopard (Majae) who needed a new home. On arrival, Joe (owner of the center) decided we would not only rescue Majae, but a lion (Kira), a cougar (Cody), and two tigers (Oti & Tony). ...oti relaxing in the old cage...
The conditions these animals were in was the worst the rescuers had seen in years, if ever. The cages were small, the floor covered in rotted and decaying carcasses, so decayed it was hard to tell what they were given to eat in the first place. Their water bowls were dry with dust on the bottom, evidence they had not received water in days.
Although badly starved and severely dehydrated, the owner of the cats seemed to not be alarmed as she parked her BMW in the driveway, neglecting to fill the several dry dishes outside.

Rescues like these are very heart-felt, it really makes you proud of helping these cats. They have all since been fattened up with proper diets and several medicated, even gone through surgery. Cody went to a sanctuary in Minnesota, but Kira, Majae, Oti, and Tony still reside at the center, however, Oti and Tony are still awaiting their new enclosure!

Can you believe it takes anywhere from $15-20,000 for initial cage costs!? Not including the time it takes to build one and all the donated supplies from friends of the rescue center! On Wednesday, their wish came true, and although we had to play musical cats, they finally received their new home!
It was a long day of trying to shift four cats into new enclosures. Seminole and Santasia had to come out of a temp cage and into a brand new one...Seminole shifted easily, jumping immediately into the circus cage and driven 1/4 mile to his new home, Santasia was a different story. It took her 3 hours to get into the circus cage! When we finally did move her she was so distressed, but very, VERY happy to be back with Seminole and to meet new neighbors (a couple of lions and a group of 8 frisky tigers!).

It took 6 of us to roll Oti & Tony (already living in a temporary circus cage) to their new site and we opened the door.....THEY SHOT OUT! They jumped right out and ran around their small, but better than a cage, new temp home. They played with their boomer ball, jumped on their tower, and ran after each other. It was AWESOME to see them running and playing....well worth the wait!

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