Wednesday, January 14, 2009

...and now your local on the 8's...

beep beep beep, my alarm rings waking me from the deep depths of my dreams. Can I add what a treacherous sound that is to hear in the morning? I've actually changed to an alarm song, but anyways that doesn't matter.

I hit snooze, just as I do every other morning, and continue this snooze routine for another 20 minutes. I get up, make my oatmeal, and turn on channel 38.

OOOOO, seriously I am excited for the voice, I know its coming....YES!
'And now your local on the 8's'
For all you who do not know, the weather channel plays local weather on every 8 of the hour...say, 2:08pm, 2:18pm, 28, 38, so on. This has become a part of my morning I regret missing. See when you work outside 8-10 hours a day, weather is what you know, very important, highlights of conversation, your life....just something you DO NOT miss!
Most of what they say sounds like Charlie Browns mom on the Peanuts. 'Wwaat waat wat wat' I just gaze at the screen and mostly watch numbers that flash up and the radar slowly moving across Southern Indiana. Well this morning, lets say I almost choked.
'Waat waattt -11 degrees, high of 2, wind chill -20 waat waattt' I thought they were joking, perhaps a crude joke someone played to wake me out of my 7 hour slumber coma. Well it was no joke, the first step I took towards my car told me just that when my nostrils froze to my inner nose.
At work we do like cold weather. As I have said before, the cold bring cattle stampeding to the door, not alive of course, but hey!! we need the food! Today we only worked half the day, making sure to cover our whole body except a sliver of your eye to see what you are doing. We went inside every half hour to avoid frost bite and made sure we kept moving swiftly, briskly. Adding to this chill, we had 4 inches of snow! It was the most snow we have had all winter. Being the Mid-Westerner I am, I loved the snow. Just like the tigers I was excited for the white fluff, something I've missed all winter. The cats, minus the tigers, stay in their boxes and seldom came out to purr, ohm, or say hello. We didn't clean or pull bones like usual in any of the cages, the temperatures being too dangerous, even if you are used to cold weather.

Later in the week we would have work to catch up on, once the cold spree moved through. Lets just say, the 30 degrees it was on Friday...we cleaned. Do your math...if you have 6 tigers in an enclosure, each going to the bathroom 1-2 times a day, and we couldn't clean for 5 days....well that is around 30-40 large (very large) piles of poo and that is just one cage. With 191 is going to be a long day.

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