Thursday, January 1, 2009

...a big cat new year...

And so the new year has 'roared' in with the cats! I suppose they all stayed up until midnight anticipating the ball drop in New York City and, of course...of course, went wild when 2009 had finally arrived!

Thus far, the new year looks to be a good one. The cooler is extremely full, seeing that we received over 30 large animals in the past week...the big cats will be eating well again!

We have had a food shortage, which I have been told is weird for this time of year, considering the wide spread pneumonia pandemic should literally be sending livestock to the center in herds. The weather has been very warm, then dropping and rain, followed by sun. Just bazaar. However, the animals have stampeded to our door the past week, filling the cooler and the bellies of the 191 big cats at the center.

*all 'roaring in the new year' pictures provided by EFRC website

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