Thursday, January 29, 2009

...a day to play in the snow...

Lets just say that all cats are not the same when it comes to the enjoyment, the thrill, the excitement about a good January snow. The tigers LOVE the snow. It seems they just cannot get enough of it, running spasticallyaround and chasing each other, only to plow into the fluffy snow covered ground.
a fuzzy boy in the snow.
jackie the tiger!tiny Uluru in the snow! I was so excited a few weeks back when we got an overnight 4 inches...WOW was I shocked this past week with the sight I saw Wednesday morning. The weather had said all week that we were supposed to be getting a snow storm and that it was to be rather large. Tuesday it snowed around 4 inches, continuing with another inch of ice mid-afternoon and even into the evening when I went to bed. When I awoke the next morning I was shocked by the 12.9 inches that coated the ground, pathway, road, still blurring the air and sky outside the window. It was total silence outside, you would have thought Indiana had NEVER seen snow.
after a long days work in a foot of snow!
Back to the cats! Like I previously stated, the tigers love the snow. I would have to say that they are the only ones in the whole center. The lions trailed minimal paths that were followed throughout the day and even a week later are still the only prints in the cage. If they meet head-to-head one will back up until a spot is hit for them to pass on the path. Even the cougars that live in the snow don't come out! I plowed a path for Autumn, a cougar, so she would come out of her box! Leopards are the same when it comes to the snow, I think we may have entered every enclosure just to plow a path through the beast beneath!

above is another video of the Nine at feeding time, just to give a little action look at the snow!

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